Install Mink


1. Remove surfboard fin(s) if they are removable.
2. Using sandpaper, lightly sand and scuff the surface of the tail where the diffusers are to be applied. (reading through "Measure" steps 1-3 beforehand will help you determine what area to prep)
3. After sandpaper surface prep, clean tail area thoroughly with acetone wipes. (steps 2-3 are important to maximum adhesion and performance)

1. Place the diffuser template on the tail, and align the center marker on the template with the surfboard stringer.
2. Use a pencil or erasable marker to draw four lines using the cut out guides on the template that correspond to your diffuser size (s, m, or l). Make sure to extend the drawn lines to the edge of the board tail.
3. Using the ruler guide printed on the diffuser template, measure and mark 3/16" from the tail edge on each of the 4 lines drawn. This mark designates the location of the back edge of each diffuser during installation.

1. Find a mixing plate (paper plate, cardboard, etc). Cut the 2-part epoxy pack and squeeze both tube contents equally onto the mixing plate.
2. Mix the 2-part epoxy contents for 20-30 seconds, ensuring complete mixing of the two parts.
3. Apply the mixed epoxy to bottom of diffuser. Fill the diffuser cavity completely.
4. Adhere the diffusers onto the drawn lines and press down firmly for 3 seconds. Make sure rear edge is in alignment with rear mark , and the front diffuser tip is centered on the drawn line.
5. Working quickly, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each diffuser. They should be in place within three minutes.
6. Before epoxy hardens, carefully cut and scrape away any excess epoxy using the supplied plastic razor blade.
7. Allow epoxy 12 hours to fully cure.